Interaction by Design’s thinking is guided by these core principles:

It’s not good unless the person using it thinks it’s good

Today’s users are more demanding than ever. That’s why products can no longer be based on assumptions about what you think they want. Customers don’t want to read your manual. Nor do they care about your internal organization. They want websites, software and other digital products that help them easily and effectively get done what they need to do.

You can’t innovate by looking over your shoulder

Sure it’s easy to copy the competition’s feature list. But leading the market requires informed inspiration. Going beyond what people say they want to come up with original solutions to problems they had but couldn’t articulate. Solutions that create devoted customers.

Focus first, technology second

No matter how cool or innovative your product is, it doesn’t matter unless it’s relevant to your customer’s needs. Start with what people want to use your product to accomplish and then tailor the technology to help them achieve their goals effortlessly and pleasurably. Your technology should be magic not mysterious.

The right functionality beats the exhausive feature list

When you need this…


all this just gets in the way.

Swiss army knife

’Nuff said.

Style counts

It’s true that if you provide enough value, your product can get away with being crude, ugly—even dangerous. But for how long? Digital products are like services. The experience of using them is just as important as their functionality. Delightful products are the ones that people will want, not merely need.

Design is about solving concrete business problems

From ensuring a solid foundation for the concept, all the way through implementing the devilish details, design is about increasing customer satisfaction, improving efficiency and raising the bottom line.

Success requires a balanced equation

Focusing on your user’s needs is the key to fulfilling them. But your website, software, intranet, etc. is only successful if it also benefits the business. Fortunately, it’s not a trade-off. Deliver value to both and the sum can be more than the parts.


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