Well-defined requirements provide a solid foundation

What goal will your product help customers achieve? What features will it have? From your customer’s perspective, how will it fit into your existing products and services? What's feasible within your resources and time to launch?

Coming up with answers to these kinds of questions provide clear requirements critical your project's success. They keep you focused on the parts of the product that matter most—those most important to helping your users accomplish their goals. You won’t waste effort on unnecessary features, ones that at worse could actually confuse or annoy your customers. And their success becomes your success. Being focused helps you get to market faster and more efficiently.

But getting good requirements is difficult, and traditional methods often are either incomplete or overwhelming. We analyze the goals, tasks and behaviors of current and potential customers to develop solid ideas about what will delight them. Then we develop easy-to-use models that clearly communicate the key problems to solve. Armed with that knowledge we help you strike the right balance between user needs, technological constraints available budget, and time-to-market.

Next, we dive into the details of actually designing the product.


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