Finding the right opportunities

You see a market niche your competitors haven’t filled. Is it a strategic opportunity or is there a reason no one else is there? You’ve got an intriguing new technology, but does it really help customers achieve meaningful goals? You’ve asked customers about what they say they want, but what about the needs they can’t articulate, or even realize they have? The sort of latent needs that lead to break-through products.

Interaction by Design brings clarity to this fuzzy front-end of development. We help you better understand who’s using your website, software or other digital product, what they’re trying to accomplish and in what circumstances. With this insight from seeing your product through the eyes of your current—and future—customers, you'll have a solid foundation for ensuring your product’s design matches up with the most important needs of both your customer and your business.

If you’re building an intranet or other internal application, the same analysis and insights make sure you’re solving the real problems your organization and employees face.

Next, we solidify these concepts into defined requirements.


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