Improve the skills of your product development team

Your marketing team is great at knowing what customers say they want. We can help them also think about what happens after the customer buys the product or visits your website. The experience that will determine whether they want to buy it or visit again.

Your engineers can build anything. We help them ensure they’re building products that enable users to accomplish their goals easily and effectively.

Your product managers have developed an profitable product portfolio. We can help them ensure the mix makes sense from the customer’s perspective and that the right types of new products are pursued.

Your in-house designers create great user experience design. We can give them a fresh perspective, deepen their knowledge and help them think more strategically.

We offer a variety of workshops and seminars to develop user experience design and new product development skills within your organization. Interaction by Design can also provide mentorship, either one-on-one or in small groups. Either way we can improve your employees’ skills by providing state-of-the-art best practices.

Contact us to find out how we can tailor this training to your specific needs.


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