Interaction by Design is a user experience and digital product development consultancy led by George Olsen. For more than a decade, Olsen has done effective, award-winning work for a variety of companies from internet giants like Yahoo! to Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, Hollywood studios and everything in between.

Olsen has spoken at numerous conferences and written extensively about user experience issues and been a leader in the industry, co-founding:

  • » UXnet—dedicated to exploring opportunities for cooperation and collaboration among user experience-related organizations and individuals.
  • » The Webby-nominated Boxes and Arrows—an online journal for user experience professionals.
  • » The Web Standards Project—a grassroot coalition fighting for standards that ensure simple, affordable access to Web technologies for all.

Interaction by Design can also assemble teams on an as needed basis to meet specific needs. Our associates are hand-picked for their deep expertise and outstanding track records. And if we can’t help you ourselves, we undoubtedly know who can.


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